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Luther Patenge

The Lair of The Moon Men

The Player stumbles upon the survivors of caravan that was recently attacked by an unknown group of bandits know as 'The Moonmen'. The Moonmen return to attack the caravan and kill the survivors. After defeating the Moonmen the Player is offered a reward to find the Lair of the Moonmen and put an end to them once and for all.

To the north the Player finds a gas station that serves to hide the entrance to the Lair of the Moonmen. The Lair of the Moonmen is in fact Vault 27, which was flooded with radiation as soon as it was closed. Instead of ghoul-ifying, the inhabitants wore radiation suits for the rest of their lives and for generations. Unable to communicate within the bulky suits they became addicted to televisions for human contact. The televisions have now broken, which has sent the Moonmen into a crazed frenzy.

The Player then defeats the Moonmen by either killing them to a man or by fixing and reactivating the television systems within the vault, returning them to a mesmerized, catatonic state.  Afterwards the Player returns to the caravan survivors and is rewarded for their efforts.

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