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My Life at War

My Life at War: My Life at War (MLaW) is a mecha webcomic written by Luther Patenge and illustrated by Matt Matterniak. It follows the lives the employees of the 1st Investment Recovery Battalion, as they become engulfed in a conflict they were entirely unprepared for. Come, see a world of fiery negotiation and smokey battlefields, where all that matters is victory. Victory and the bottom line.

"Fight for Prosperity. Fight for Property. Fight for Profit."

Positions Held: Writer, Business Manager

The Lair of the Moon Men

The Lair of The Moon Men: A quest for Fallout: New Vegas. Includes a full quest design document and a portion of the quest created in the GECK editor. The player must rescue a caravan from a band of raiders who are more than they seem. From there the player must unravel the secret past of the Moon Men and put a stop to their threat once and for all.

Positions Held: Solo Project

The Village

The Village: A card game for three to five players featuring an original deck made to simulate the mechanics and attitudes of small town politics. Playing as one of five unique professions with differing goals. The players manage their public and private assets to achieve small and large victories.

Positions Held: Solo Project


Fruitix: A game designed for the OLPC Game Jam, created in three days. The player controls a farmer who must collect fruit and bring it back to a truck in limited time while avoiding monkeys who will steal their food.

Positions Held: Concept, Lead Designer and Sound Editor

Note: Extract the .zip file and open fruitix.exe to run. May not work on Mac Machines.

On the Mend

On the Mend: A fantasy story fragment about two city guards investigating a mysterious death.

Positions Held: Solo Project


Personal Portfolio

Amalgam: A Vehicle Capture the Flag (VCTF) map for Unreal Tournament 3. The action takes place on a floating tower of junk, with one team at the bottom and the other at the top. Players use stairways, jump pads, teleporters and flying vehicles to move up and down the tower.

Positions Held: Solo Project.

A Species Repurposed: A science fiction story fragment told from three different perspectives at different moments in the human future.

Positions Held: Solo Project.

The Hunt Alone

The Hunt Alone: Created during the Global Game Jam 2010 at the MIT Gambit Site.The game is a 1st person 3D title in which the player takes on the role of a neanderthal hunter stalking a dangerous predator. The hunter's vision is poor and the landscape shrouded in darkness. The player must defeat a creature larger, faster, stronger and more aware than himself; using a single spear and their wits. Created in 48 hours.

Positions Held: Lead Designer, 3D Modeler, Animator

Michael Jordan Portfolio Website

Michael Jordan Portfolio Website: Created from scratch a web portfolio for advertising creative director Michael Jordan (no relation to the basketball super-star of the same name). The site was developed from concept to completion over the course of a few months and is made to display his printed, radio, television and digital advertising work.

Positions Held: Site Designer

Fallout 3 GECK Tutorials

GECK Tutorials: An independent project to document and create tutorials for Bethesda Softwork's GECK engine for the game Fallout 3. This was done in order to better inform the game's modification community and to allow those unfamiliar with the editor to jump right in and begin creating immediately.

Positions Held: Writer and Researcher


Un-Requited: A proof-of-concept interactive video sequence whereby a couple interact with each other over the phone. Using slider bars to the left and right of the video, the user may alter the mood of either party between romantically interested, romantically curious and totally apathetic. The piece was completed by a team of three in a week.

Positions Held: Concept, Director, Camera man, Lead Editor and Programmer


Pu-Ur Design Document: This is the design document created with a collegue detailing a hybrid puzzle/action game designed in the Wild Pockets engine. In it the player takes the role of a cold war scientist attempting to make nuclear fusion by bombarding atoms within a spherical stage.

Positions Held: Lead Designer and Lead Programmer.

A View of Crossfit in Verona: This video is a compilation of interviews and footage taken at the Crossfit Pittsburgh gym in Verona, PA. Using this video I wanted to give outsiders a look into the people who use this gym and their attitudes towards fitness.

Positions Held: Solo Production, my thanks to those who were kind enough to let me film them.


Snaxz: A two minute animation about a green man who can change his muscle mass with a dial on his belly. The animation revolves around his desperate attempts to
open a box of junk food. This animation was created by a team of four in nine weeks.

Positions Held: Concept, Director, Storyboard, Audio Design, Animator and Background Modeler

The Chase

The Chase: A thirty second rotoscoped animation about a fleeing ice cream cone being hunted by a hungry mob. This animation was completed by a team of two in two days.

Positions Held: Concept and Animator