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Luther Patenge

Fallout 3 Tutorial: Outside? Aren't There Like, Bears Outside? - World Building

Created by Luther Patenge and Immanuel Alam

Let’s create a new outdoor map!

Before we begin there are some thing you should know:

1. Duplicating large world areas such as the basic “Wasteland” will usually cause the editor to crash

2. There are several leftovers from the Oblivion editor, such as the two moons mentioned in the climate editor.

3. If the water reappears above ground toggle the lighting (light bulb icon) on and off and it should disappear again, this appears to be a bug that has no effect on the actual implementation of a space.

4. The Interiors world space is a special space with no sky or sun. This is why the lighting all appears from the same angles in all indoor areas; they all share the same world space.

Creating Cells

1. Outdoor areas are collections of cells connected to each other. These “master cells” are known as World Spaces. Let’s create a new one by going to World > World Spaces in the menu. Right click in the list on the left and select New. Give it a name. In the fields on the right, give it a name. This name is what appears in-game.

Fallout 3 uses a fixed water level (a water table). Set the Default Land Height to 15000 so that it will be over the water by default. Set the Default Water Height to -2048. Press ok. According to the GECK wiki, land height should always be over 13000 in order to avoid problems, such as the reappearing above the ground bug mentioned earlier.

2. In Cell View, select the World Space we just created from the drop down. Double click on “Wilderness.” You may receive a warning, select “Yes to All” in that case. Select one of the Wilderness entries and press F2 to rename it. Give it a short and simple name – this name will not appear in-game but is significant later. Right click the cell and select View.

3. Move closer to the ground and place a few objects. This is done as in the Bethesda interior tutorials.  

4. There is a special object called the “COCMarkerHeading.” Placing one of these in a cell will allow us to use the console to teleport there in-game for testing. Set the category to all, filter for “COC”, and drop the marker in our cell.

We now have our own World Space to build in! Start the game, press ~ to bring down the console, and type “COC CELLNAME” to teleport to it! (replacing CELLNAME with what you renamed your cell to in step 2)

Go Test Your World Space!

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