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Luther Patenge

Fallout 3 Tutorial: Sinister and Snyde Remarks - How to Create Dialogue

Created by Luther Patenge and Immanuel Alam

In this tutorial we will explore some of the basics of how dialogue is created in Fallout 3.

Before we begin we would like to say that the dialogue editor in the GECK editor is very clunky and unwieldy. Various tabs and options point to the existence of a dialogue editing or importing system used internally by Bethesda that hasn't been released to the general public for reasons unknown.

Dialogue is contained under quests (Actor Data > Quest)
Dialogue not associated with specific quests is contained in dummy quests, for example "DialogueMegaton"
Click "Dialogue" in an NPC dialogue to open the dialogue box with the filter preset to that NPC.
There are various tabs in the dialogue box, this is what they do:
Topic - Topics in dialogue with NPCs (what most people think of when it comes to dialogue)
Conversation - Dialogue that can be heard outside of the conversation interface with NPCs (including overheard banter)
Combat - Lines spoken when NPCs attack, die, hit, or notice that the character is trespassing
Detection - Lines spoken when NPCs go from friendly to hostile (this seems to overlap with Combat>Attack)
Service - Lines spoken when bartering
Radio - We beleive this has something to do with radio dialogue
Dialogue Tree - A half-functional tree view of the other tabs

Now that we have that out of the way, let's add a line for Lucas Simms, the town sheriff.
1. Go to Quest > DialogueMegaton and select the Topics tab (used as an example)

2. In the left list, right click and select "Add Topic". A new dialog will open, right click in that and select "New" and give it a name, select it, and click ok.

3. Select your new topic in the left - everything will be blank

4. Set Topic Text to what you want the player option to be, for example "Do you have any fish sticks?". Check "Top-level" to make it a first level choice (that is, it appears in the first list of dialogue chocies when interacting with the NPC).

5. Right click in the field below Topic Text and select "New". Write the Response Text the NPC is going to give to this, something such as "No, but I wish I had some!"

6. Now we need to associate this dialogue with our NPC, which is done using programming-type conditions. To make it easy, let's copy them from another NPC.

7. Select one of the "MegLUcasMegaton..." entries in the left list
Select the condition that says "NPC: 'LucasSimms'", right click on it, and select "Copy Condition".

8. Go back to our TestDialogue topic, right click in Conditions, and select Paste Conditions

Click ok, save, and test our new dialogue!

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