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Luther Patenge

Fallout 3 Tutorial: Hello World - My First Super Weapon!

Created by Luther Patenge and Immanuel Alam

Overpowered weapons are to game editors what “hello world” is to programming languages. In this tutorial we will make one!

Note to experienced users: this tutorial assumes that you have not used the G.E.C.K. before – if you are familiar with the tool or have gone through Bethesda’s tutorials you can skip to step 3.

1. Install the necessary software
Fallout 3 mods are made using the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.), an official editor released by Bethesda Softworks.
Download and install the G.E.C.K. from Bethesda Softworks:
Note that if you installed Fallout 3 to another directory than the default you will have to install the G.E.C.K. there as well. It has to be installed to the Fallout 3 directory to function but the setup program does not enforce this.

2. Starting the G.E.C.K. and basic setup
Fire up the tool! You can find it in Start > Bethesda Softworks > Fallout 3 > Garden of Eden Creation Kit. On startup you should see something similar to this picture.

Fallout 3 resources are stored in ESP files. Each ESP file can be thought of as a package of mods and resources that can be enabled or disabled. Let’s create a new ESP file by going to File > Save and saving it as HelloWeapon.esp. Save it in the “data” directory where Fallout 3 is installed.

You may notice that our views are empty. This is because the base Fallout 3 data is not loaded. To fix this go to File > Data and check Fallout3.esm. Also check the file we made (HelloWeapon.esp) and set it as the active file by clicking on it and pressing “Set as Active File.” The dialog should look similar to the one pictured. Press ok.

3. Modifying a weapon
In the Object Window browse to Items > Weapon > Weapons.

This is a list of all the weapons in the game. Note that the Editor ID will not match the in-game descriptive name. For example, the ID of the hunting rifle is “WeapHuntingRifle.” With this in mind, double click on one of your favorites. If you receive a warning message select “Yes to All.”

This window shows the properties of the weapon. Let’s turn it into a super weapon by setting the Damage to 9999. Weapon condition is based on damage, so under Override check “Damage to Weapon Mult” and set the value to 0. If we do not do this the weapon will break after one shot due to the high damage.

Let’s change the sound to something wacky as well. Click on the “Art and Sound” to do this. In the bottom right section you will see several buttons that you can click on to change the sounds. Not all apply to all weapons. Attack Sound (2D) is the sound the player hears when the weapon is fired. Click on this button and change it to something fun like NPCDogBark.

Now we have our super weapon! Note that NPCs may use it as well, which could be rather dangerous. Let’s check “Player Only” under Flags just to be safe.

4. Testing the weapon

Start the Fallout 3 launcher and click on “Data Files.” Check both Fallout3.esm and the esp that we created.

Start the game and enjoy!

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